Water press fittings


  • Female straight press fitting 
  • Maximum operating pressure 10 bar 
  • Thread EN 10226-1
  • Temperature range min 0°C – max +95°C
  • The jaws for the fittings pressing have to be TH profile.

Fitting suitable for distributing fluids that are generally non-corrosive, compatibly with the fitting materials.
Heating, plumbing and industrial systems are the ideal fields of application, such as high and low temperature heating systems, air-conditioning and distribution of drinking water.
The tightness is guaranteed by two EPDM PEROX O-Rings, particularly recommended with water-glycol solutions, with a maximum glycol presence of 50%.
The steel sleeve pressing, carried out with electromechanical tools, ensures a perfect and indivisible crimping to the pipe as well as an excellent resistance to external stress.


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