Water press fittings



This multi-layer pipe is a valid alternative to the plastic and metal pipes currently in use.

The main advantages are: 

  • Easy installation as it is lightweight and has no elastic memory as a result of the internal aluminium layer.
  • A very high standard of hygiene, so it can be used to convey drinking water in accordance with Ministry of Health regulations.
  • Corrosion resistance due to cross-linked polyethylene layers and the use of fittings with dielectric barriers that protect the product against chemical, electromagnetic and natural corrosion, thus preventing the so-called “pile effect”.
  • Reduced load losses. The internal polyethylene lining guarantees considerable reduction in the load losses that normally occur with metal piping . The absence of limescale ensures a constant flow through time.
  • Impermeability to oxygen. The aluminium layer creates a barrier to gases that could trigger corrosion in the circuits and the formation of moulds and bacteria.
  • Reduced thermal expansion. The multi-layer pipe reduces thermal expansion of the plastic materials due to the internal aluminium layer and maintains their properties, such as reduced load losses, a high standard of hygiene and ease of installation, as it is easy to bend and maintains the desired curvature even at low temperatures.
  •  Pre-insulated multilayer pipes are available with specific sheathing for special applications (heating, plumbing, air conditioning).


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