• Linear motion
  • Normally closed
  • Head run 4 mm
  • Power supply 230VAC/DC
  • Power comsumption 2,5 W
  • Degree of protection IP 54 can be installed in any position
  • Power cord type H05V2V2-F
  • Final stage of opening or closing 3 minutes
  • Temperature range min 0°C - max + 95°C
  • WAYSwer location red - black 
  • Housing material self-extinguishing VO
  • Valve attack brass ring M30x1,5

This thermostatic head allows to automatically open and close the manifold valves. The control works through thermostats placed in each room, that, according to the desired effect, open or close the heating and the cooling circuit. This model has four one-meter wires (the colors are blue – brown – black for AUX – grey for AUX) with auxiliary stroke end switch to control circulators or zone valves.


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